Bharat Mistry

Journey into Creativity


A departure from regular instructional presentations. Bharat discuss his journey into photography and what influences his photographic style. He discusses his thought process for some of the creative images that you have come to know him for. The presentation covers some of the ways people approach different subjects, what influences them, how to develop your ideas and concepts and to take them to the next step to make them original. The presentation will be followed by a short walk through some of the post processing of a few of his images. This will be an interactive presentation where the audience is welcome to question and participate in.









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Jan 25- Rob Stimpson
Feb 22 - Ross Chevalier
Mar 29 - Robert Schechter
April 26 - Norm Ulock
May 31- Bharat Mistry
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Aug 30 - Leah Danbok
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Oct 25- Greg Taylor / Jim Piggott
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