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BPC Training Tips 

Welcome to the Barrie Photo Club Training and Information page. You can get help here on current photo themes for the monthly slideshow as well as help with the latest training demonstations. You can also submit any questions you may have about phototgraphy, editing your photos, what gear to use, or anything that you need some help with. We will answer your questions during one of the training/demonstration meetings or at the monthly meeting.


Monthly Themes

Upcoming Demonstartions

February 22 at the monthly meeting will be a demonstration on Light Painting. To help you understand what is light painting click HERE to read all about it.

For more help you can click HERE for an article to get you started.

Also coming up in the Intro to Photography course is the Exposure triangle.

Click HERE for a downloadable cheat sheet for you to keep.

Extra help 

Up coming outing Feb 24th is birds in flight! This a challenging but fun activity. Click the link below for some tips and tricks on how to capture birds in flight.

Here is a downloadable cheat sheet for you to take along. Birds Flying

This is a guide you can view online or download to keep.

Bird Photography Camera Settings

Have questions about photography or editing photos? Submit them below 

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