A Message from our president…….

Welcome everyone, especially visitors to our site, new members and budding photographers of all stripes, to the Barrie Photography Club. The club has been in existence for about 11 years, recently averaging about 100 or so members. They range from avid photographers to beginners. We try to gear our programs (monthly meetings, outings, technical content etc) to appeal to all levels.

 I’ve been in the club for about ½ it’s life but still consider myself a relative newbie, still learning and always will be. The club has been a big part of my  skills development plus I have seen the evolution of many other members during that time. We’re a great place to help you develop and to meet other photographers.

As the famous photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson, once said,
“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”  Keep in mind that was in the day of film when we were conservative with the number of shots we took. With digital cameras we are very liberal, often taking a 1000 or more shots in a day. So maybe today it’s more like the first 100,000. So I’m half way there.

This is an exciting time in photography. Like the growth of PCs a number of years ago, camera technology evolves about every 6 month, until the recent announcements of mirrorless cameras.  A minor quantum leap that positions us for even more technological advances. Plus editing software has continued to grow giving even more control over our artistry. But photography is not about technology, it’s about you and how you see the world. The technology is just a tool to help you create the image you envisioned when you looked through the viewfinder.

If you are interested in photography, either as an avid photographer or someone who just wants to improve taking you travel or family photos, come and join us as a member or just check us out as a guest. Our home page provides more info on when and where we meet.

To all current and potential members, keep on clicking and enjoy our hobby to its fullest.

Bob Dudley
President, Barrie Photo Club