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Leif PetersenLeif Petersen

Norway’s Lofoten Islands and Creating the Perfect Print 

This month’s speaker will be Leif Petersen, one of Panasonic Canada’s Lumix Storytellers.  He will present images from a summer photo tour to his native Norway and, in particular, the Lofoten Islands, where he was born.  As he recently returned from India, he will include a few colourful shots in the travelogue.  Leif is a big proponent of getting your images off the computer and displaying them for others to enjoy, so he will also share with us how he prepares his images for printing and inspire you to get the most out of your own art.


Leif has enjoyed photography for over 30 years, but it became his passion after retiring in 2007 and becoming very involved in Oshawa’s photographic community.  Although his career involved extensive travel, retirement allowed him to slow down and take the time to truly experience his travels through a lens. He has taken several trips to Norway, his birthplace, has spent time in Iceland, China, England, Wales, Ireland, India, Dubai, Italy and regularly travels throughout Canada and the US.

Leif served on the Oshawa Camera Club’s Executive Committee for 7 years, including President for 2 years, and is currently the Treasurer of the Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs (GTCCC).  He is a member of the Whitby Station Gallery, contributes his art to charity events and exhibits regularly in local galleries and venues.

He continuously explores new photography techniques and equipment and, in fact, has moved from Canon to Panasonic’s Lumix equipment.  He prints, matts and frames his own images and offers these services to other photographers.  He welcomes the opportunity to share his knowledge and expertise by offering various workshops, such as Lightroom and printing, as well as photography tours, for instance, to Norway and India.

“My passion and inspiration for photography is life itself.  Being at a very happy and satisfied point in my life, I see things around me more clearly and often differently than I would without a camera up to my eye.  Traveling and photography have given me the opportunity to see, appreciate and capture many beautiful places and wonderful moments in life around the world and enjoy several life-changing experiences.  The entire process, from image capture through digital processing to printing and preparing my images for display, is fascinating, relaxing and fulfilling.  I thoroughly enjoy passing on my photographic knowledge and expertise to others with great attention to detail.”




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