Welcome to the new website for the Barrie Photo Club.  We are non profit organization that brings all interested parties together to learn, share and educate in the field of Photographic Arts.  We meet once a month to learn and share common interests.

A Message from our president…….

Hi folks and welcome to the new norm of social distancing for our club. It’s difficult for us all to be apart from our families and our friends. I know
my wife and I can’t wait for the day we get our hands on our grandkids. But I count our blessings that we don’t live in a large city but in Barrie where we still have lots of green space and country roads where we can get outside and easily maintain our 2 meters of space.
I’m also glad we live in the age of the internet. It allowed us to hold our first general meeting via ZOOM. We’ve had a couple of executive meetings via ZOOM but last Thursday was our first time with a large participation. For those of you who did not attend, we had 57 participants at one point which rivals most of our meetings at Southshore. Greg Taylor gave an excellent presentation on his trip to Africa, rivalling any presenters we’ve had on exotic trips. As well as the expected great photos of wildlife, it was a tutorial on how to plan and execute your trip and capture the great shots you hope to take on one of those junkets. The meeting went very well for a first time event like that, with positive feedback, but we did learn a couple of things about managing a large meeting and we’ll do even better at the next ones. May and June will definitely be via Zoom as Southshore is closed, but we fully expect that we won’t be back there for even longer. We’re lining up presenters who will present via Zoom, so our show will go on.We’re also considering having mid-month informal Zoom meetings where we just open it up for people to meet and chat. We just need to determine how we manage it if participation is large and too many folks are trying to talk at once. Anyway, if you think that would be a good idea, let me know. PS….if you are unfamiliar with Zoom, I provided info on how to access it in last month’s newsletter. It really is quite simple. If you can use Lightroom, photoshop, or any other editing app, then you’re smart enough to navigate Zoom. Give us a try.
Usually the end of March is the end of our grace period for allowing unpaid members from the last year to attend our meetings, receive our newsletters, attend outings (pre and post Covid) and access our Facebook page. Due to Covid, we extended it to the end of April. As a result, we will begin the unpaid membership removal following the distribution of this newsletter. Hopefully, those of you who have not re-joined yet, will consider joining us again. Our programs are still in effect, albeit remotely, but we are still here. If our slideshow is any indicator, our members are still out there actively pursuing the love of photography and sharing it with the rest of us. As well as the slideshow, we also have Tiffany’s weekly Facebook challenge which also contains some great imaginative shots from our members. Check us out on Facebook and our new website, then  come and join us, participate with us, and yes we are still taking on new members as well. It’s easy to do, and Covid safe, no touch, all electronic via our website.
“Photography has nothing to do with cameras”  Lucas Gentry
Looking forward to seeing you at our next monthly meeting on May 28.

It’s your club, help us make it even better more.

Bob Dudley 
President BPC

It’s your club, help us make it even better!