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Welcome to the Barrie Photo Club Website.  We are non profit organization that brings all interested parties together to learn, share and educate in the field of Photographic Arts.  Currently during these crazy times we meeting twice a month to learn and share common interests.

Hi and welcome to the 2022 season for the Barrie Photo Club . My name is Robert Trigg Gardner. Allow me to introduce myself for those that don’t know me.  I am the President for this year.

My background in photography started when I graduated from Sheridan College back in 1989 with a diploma in Photographic Arts.  I worked as an Assistant in the commercial industry for seven years. Digital was coming in at that time and it would have cost me over $50,000 to get up and going as a freelance photographer.  Starting a new family at the time I decided take a different career path altogether.

Skip ahead to approximately seven years ago, I joined the photo club hoping to be inspired and pick up my camera once again. I purchased a Micro 4/3rds system.  Once I came to a few meetings I GOT inspired by what I saw at the club.  It has been a lot of fun ever since…especially the last 2 years!!!.


Five years ago, I thoroughly enjoyed what I saw and heard from the club presentations and decided to get involved with the executive.  So here I am, the President in the middle of a Pandemic and working with the Executive to figure out how we are going to bring interesting and educating information to our membership without meeting in person.  With the current crew I believe we have been successful at bringing on Speakers and Information that we all find educational and inspiring.  Of course, the captain is only as good as his/her crew and we have an amazing crew this year.  I'd like to introduce you to the new executive for 2022. We have some returning members and we have new faces on the board. We have a lot of fresh ideas and plans on giving you more information, training, inspiration, and avenues to use your equipment and... your mind...even in the middle of a pandemic.


Here is our new executive for the 2022 season :


President…………………….Robert Trigg Gardiner

Vice President………………Dean Heliotis

Past President……………….Bob Dudley

Treasurer…………………….Razik Zeyed

Secretary……………………. Yvonne Metcalfe

Director(Outings)……………Tiffany Paradis

Director (Newsletter)..............Fiona Bird

Director(Memberships)……...Bud Hanson

Director(Speakers)…………...Greg Taylor

Director(Website)…………...Jim Roduck

Director(Publicity)…………. OPEN POSITION



If you have any suggestion or ideas on what would make experience a better one, please get in touch with one of us because we would love to hear from you.  You can send us an email to the addresses on the Executive tab.


I'd like to thank Cindy Kirsch for all her hard work and dedication over the last year. She has been massively instrumental from working on the website to keeping informed through the Training Page and organizing the Newsletter every month to bring you the information you need to enjoy this will be missed!!  I would also like to thanks Louise Marling for taking on the Membership portfolio over the last several years.  She is stepping down to give someone else a chance...thanks fpr sll the work Louise!!!  Brian Smith will be passing the torch to Michael Bertrand as Treasurer.  Thank you Brian for navigating our Finances through these trying times. 


On to 2022…We were hoping to get into the Southshore Center to be able to get back to enjoying one another's company but unfortunately Omicron had other plans.  We will be working diligently to make the in-person meetings a reality in the near future.  This challenge with in person meetings being cancelled has actually given us a great opportunity.  While we stay at home and hook up through Zoom, it allows us to bring on International Photogrpahers from around the world that we would not have had in the past.  Greg is working hard to find the talent that we would not other-wards been able to have come to Barrie to present.   

We are hoping that COVID will subside going into the middle of the year and we can get back to face to face meetings and Speakers in the real world.  We will open up the South Shore Center but only when it is safe to do so and greet you at the front door with ….masks on!!   I think we are all looking forward to that day that we can see our fellow members and share experiences and photographs that we have taken along the way!!


So keep an eye on the website, Facebook, Instagram and on your emails as we will be sending you more updates on our plans for the upcoming year.


Stay safe, stay masked, stay distant, stay healthy!!