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Upcoming Speaker

March 28 2024

Norm Ullock

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Norm Ullock has been an enthusiastic amateur photographer for about 24 years.  He is highly skilled photographer using state of the art Nikon Professional cameras and lenses. He post processes using Adobe Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, Nik, OnOne, and several other kinds of photo editing software. 

Norm is an award-winning photographer. Norm has received an "Award of Merit", from the International Glennie Memorial Nature Salon, for one of his wildlife portraits.  He has won the Oshawa Camera Club Photographer of the Year award four times and has been runner up POTY twice. He recently came second in the O3C Open Challenge for diversified photographer.
Norm has been the Secretary for the Oshawa Camera club and one of 4 founding members of their Competition Committee. He is responsible for the OCC judge's training program. He is also an accredited judge for the Ontario Council of Camera Clubs (OCCC) where he served as Judge Chair from 2016-20121.
He judges and lectures regularly for OCCC clubs.

Presentatation Topic

Mastering Lighting

Presentation Descripton

I  am excited to be able to offer this presentation because I have had so many photographers say they don’t understand or are that they are not comfortable using a flash or artificial light to enhance their image creations. 
This workshop is about lighting. It starts out with daylight shooting techniques which will include the effective use of the exposure triangle. We will spend most of our time on the use of flashes, strobes, and constant on lights. We will discuss the use of light modifiers of different kinds and how to pull it all together. We will also discuss equipment to buy for your lighting needs.
Topics include:
•    Working with direct, reflective and diffused sunlight
•    How Speedlights & Strobes work
•    How to use Speedlights, Strobes and Constant on Lights indoors and outdoors
•    Deciding on what Lights and light modifiers to buy (OEM or other brands) 
•    Setting up and using multiple off camera lights in master and slave modes
•    Using various lights and Light modifiers to create successful images

Presentation Descripton

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